Made in Italy

Our professional training begins in the factory of our parents, a factory founded in 1987 that dealt with the production of clothing on behalf of many famous brands.
In 2012 the The Hand Company was born thanks mine and my brother passion for music.
During a concert held by Santana we were struck by the beauty of his guitar straps and so we decided to start creating some models using first choice materials and a completely handmade production, producing guitar straps, drum stick bags and unique leather products.
At the beginning, the crisis in the Italian sector has obstacled us during the years of growth, because our products, even if ranked among the best by Italian companies, had no market due to the high cost of production, so this pushed us in the search for buyers in Europe and other continents.

Thanks to the quality of our products and the professionalism of our team, we are succeeding in creating many contacts with the various distributors throughout Europe and the world, aiming to offer a product of the highest quality at an affordable price.